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Kids Food Allergy Alert Badge & Sticker Packs - product list

Each pack contains 2 Badges and 12 Stickers and provides a versatile way to show friends and carers that your child has a food allergy or medical condition.

Choose from over 40 different food allergy and
medical alert designs with cute characters and
clear alert messages!

Our Allergy Alert Badges are the perfect size for
wearing on t-shirts, jackets, caps and back-packs.

Our Allergy Alert Vinyl Stickers are dishwasher and microwave-safe
and designed for lunch boxes, drink bottles, food charts etc.
and can even be worn on t-shirts for one-off use!
(For best results, apply the stickers to a clean, flat, dry surface and smooth over to remove any air bubbles. Allow to set for up to 12 hours before immersing in water).


We can customise badges in other languages so your allergy warning won't be
lost in translation. Please contact us for details!

We also offer a 'special order' badge service... If you are not able to find the exact text you need, we are happy to make up badges specifically for your child and their particular allergy or medical condition, so please contact us for details! (Unfortunately we cannot customise our Stickers... sorry!)

Your kids will love them!

Please click on a product to view more details and purchase

I'm allergic to shellfish - badge and sticker pack I'm allergic to gluten - badge and sticker pack I'm gluten free - badge and sticker pack

Jumbo Badges - I'm gluten free No wheat for me - badge and sticker pack I'm allergic to latex - badge and sticker pack

I have diabetes - badge and sticker pack No sugar for me - badge and sticker pack No chocolate for me - badge and sticker pack

I'm allergic to bees - badge and sticker pack I'm allergic to Insect bites - badges I'm allergic to jumping ants - badges

I'm allergic to cats - badge and sticker pack I'm allergic to dogs - badge and sticker pack


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