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EpiPen / Medical Pouches for EpiPen, Anapen, Twinject, Asthma Medication - product list

Safely carry your Auto-Injectors (Epipen /Anapen /Twinject); Asthma Ventolin Puffer + Lite-Aire Spacer/Able Spacer,
as well as various other medications, in these fantastic
NEW Auto-Injector/Medical Pouches!
Stylish designs suitable for kids, teens and adults!


"As recommended by Allergy Specialists and General Practitioners. Used in Schools, Kindergartens and Childcare Centres as an integral part of their Anaphylaxis Management Programs."

Disclaimer:- The manufacturer of EpiPen recommends auto-injectors be kept unrefrigerated at room temperature (around 25 degrees).
These pouches are designed to keep the medication at a temperature between 15-30 degrees celcius but of course should not be exposed to extremes of temperature and so should not be kept in a hot car or in direct sunlight.
When worn by the child, the pouch should be kept out of direct sunlight by wearing underneath a t-shirt, and in cold weather, should be tucked under a jumper or jacket.

Your kids will love them!

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Super Star Pink Epipen / Medical Pouch FLUORO GREEN - Epipen / Medical FLUORO ORANGE - Epipen / Medical Pouch

RaceCar Black - Epipen / Medical Pouch Zeebra - Auto-Injector / Medical Pouch Flaming Red - Epipen / Medical Pouch

Photo/Medical ID Tag for Auto Injector Pouch


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