Allerbling Band

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Individual Allerbling wristband with Medical Charm. Create a custom allergy awareness wristband. Choose charms for the items you are allergic too, add or remove if your allergy profile changes. Allerbling Wristband approximately Sizing: X-Small: 15cm, Small: 16cm, Large: 17.5cm, X-Large: 20.5cm. Charms available separately include: Peanut allergy, Shellfish allergy, Wheat allergy, Dairy allergy, Fish allergy, Soy allergy, Tree Nut allergy, Egg allergy, Latex allergy, Gluten free, Sesame Allergy, Strawberry Allergy, Coconut Allergy, Corn Allergy, Chocolate Allergy, Bee Allergy, Allergy Injector, Diabetes and Asthma.