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"Pin your Star Allergy Alerts badges to the front of your pram so that everyone knows not to lean in and touch your child after eating food containing allergens!"
... Karen, Mittagong NSW

"Keep some badges in your car, so you have them on hand at all times!"
... Joy, Duffy ACT

"At the beginning of each school year I give my son's teacher a handful of stickers for them to use as they need to during the school year... (They have used them on all documents relating to my son as well)"... Kimberley, Williamstown SA


"I just received my order and it is awesome!!! I LOVE it!... My son wore one of the badges to a party on Saturday afternoon and it was great because I didn’t spend half the time panicking every time he ate something! The stickers are great and are on all of his lunch boxes.... I love the T-shirt! I’m going to get him to wear it when he goes to kindy. The epipen pouch is great! It will keep it safe and will be much easier to find in a panic when a few minutes literally is a lifetime... Such a great idea!"... Gina, Mooloolaba QLD

"I received my order just in time for my son's birthday party and am thrilled with your products! Unfortunately my son has several allergies that family members (grandparents) regularly forget about and having these eye catching stickers, badges and wrist bands will be fantastic! Thank you for having such an important and efficient business. I will be sharing your contact details with anyone I know who has children with allergies!"... Lorraine, Sheidow Park SA

"Thank you so much for my order :) I am so happy with your products... WOW!!
My daughter was very excited and couldn't wait to put the bracelet on and show everyone her new EpiPen pouch... I will definitely be ordering again soon!"...
Sam, Devonport TAS

"I can't believe how great these products are!! Ive been trying to find a Medical Bracelet and EpiPen pouch for my 8 year old daughter and am so happy to have found these items that are appropriate for a little girl... Can't thank you enough!"...
Julie, Sylvania NSW

"Thanks for getting our bracelets to us so promptly! I've tried so many (expensive!) wrist bands with my boys and have found Star Allergy Alerts silicone wristbands are the most comfortable, durable, and fun for the boys to wear."...
Ruth, Winthrop WA

"The pouches are great for school... My daughter uses it daily for her epipens and antihistamine, so it really gets a workout! We have ordered one every year for last 4 years. I have recommended your site to many... Well done on bringing such a great range of needed products to Australia. They are thoughtful and practical!"... Amanda, Subiaco WA

"Just wanted to let you know your allergy bracelets are the best I've seen! I will always be purchasing from you and HIGHLY recommend you to all :) thank you soooo much for providing products that warn and inform of our children's allergies!"... Karlene, Lalor Park NSW

"We LOVE your products!!! My daughter is 3 and has an egg and peanut allergy. She wears her badge to pre-kindy everyday and her nut allergy wristband too :) They are so helpful when she goes to her friends parties. We also have some stickers and the have been stuck to her school drink bottle and also her allergy action plan. Thanks for creating a fun way to let people know of my daughters allergies!"... Michelle Godfrey

"What a fantastic web site to use! Thank you for the ease of use and great products!!"... Nicola, Christchurch NZ

"I buy all my allergy products through Star Allergy, and I highly recommend it!
I tell everyone that comments on my child's t-shirts, buttons, and especially his allergy wristband bracelet... I know these products have saved his life on many occasions! I searched everywhere for peanut-fee designs and I was blessed to have come across this website... I knew I wasn't alone, and 3 years later, I am still a 100% Star Allergy Mom!"... Jody, Ottawa CANADA

"A HUGE thank you for your professional, promt attention & delivery...
Our one year old daughter has been diagnosed with dairy & egg allergy and so
the badges & stickers are perfect... very bright & colourful and the medical alert bracelet is gorgeous!!... It helps to know the community will be aware that our children are very special angels... We will certainly be recommending to all
friends, family & work collegues!"... Laurelle, Deakin ACT

"Thanks a million for such brilliant ideas! I received 'Nut Allergy' braclets, badges and stickers for my son and it's such a relief to know that all around him are well informed of his allergy just by looking at him!... I'm definitely going to purchase some more items and also pass on your website details to friends and colleagues!"
... Claire, Cork Ireland

"Thankyou for the beautiful bracelet... I love it !!"... Tamara, Evanston Gardens SA

"A very big Thank You for the order I received today... it is exactly what I wanted for my daughter who has been recently diagnosed as having anaphylaxis to shellfish... I am very impressed with the fast processing of my order and quick delivery!! I will certainly be ordering more products from your range in the future!"
... Sharon, Donnybrook WA

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful idea the allergy alerts are... I am a school principal and mother of a young daughter with anaphylaxis reactions to egg and nuts... What a reassuring way of letting the general public know about allergy awareness. Thank you!" ... Amanda, Linden Park SA

"I just love your products and have been using the stickers and badges since my little boy was two... he is now 5 and ready for school!... Thanks for having such beautiful, bright and funky things available for our kids, well done!"...
Jacquie, Lake Munmorah NSW

"I wanted to let you know that we received my daughter's bracelet and have had it engraved and she really likes wearing it and showing her friends... She loves the pink butterfly design!... Thanks for a great product and I will tell anyone else who might be looking for one !!" ... Leesa, Hawthorn QLD

"Just wanted to say thankyou for the badges and stickers... my daughter who is 3 loves the little squirrel and has been happily showing everyone!... Thanks for a fabulous product that the kids are happy to use!... I will definitely be back to buy some more things when Hannah starts kinder!" ... Meaghan, Epsom VIC

"Maddi proudly wears her Medical Alert Bracelet every day to summer camp... Oh and the Fast Ideas cookbook is really good too!... After two anaphylactic attacks (one near fatal) Maddi manages her allergies quite well, however she has a fear of food', especially the unknown. She picked up the Fast Ideas cookbook, saw the little girl on the cover and read the words for children with food allergies; she looked through every page and told me what she wanted to cook, which is a huge thing for her... We are looking forward to trying them out, Thanks!"
... Jill,Tala Island BAHRAIN

"My daughter has worn one of your bracelets for the past 2 years and it still has more life in it, and that includes being laundered and played in....and we get TONS of compliments!!! We plan on ordering a "back-up" for the new school year... We just love it! THANKS!"... Meredith, San Angelo TEXAS

"I ordered some T-shirts, badges and stickers for my 4 year old daughter Grace, and I just wanted to say thank you, as everything is so fantastic... She loves wearing her T-shirts and has put her stickers on all her day care gear!"
... Amanda, Noosa QLD

"We just wanted to send you a big thank you for Jontae's badges he absolutely loves them... We actually have trouble getting him to take them off!... Thank you again for your wonderful products"... Erica and Jontae, Perth WA

"I am very inpressed with the fast service provided... I received my parcel the next morning and am very pleased with my order... my son loves his badges... he put them on straight away and doesn't want to take them off!"... Kylie, Tanjil East VIC

"We received our parcel and wanted to say thank you very much... the prompt service is greatly appreciated...we are impressed with the quality and generous sizing of the shirt... no doubt we will be back for some more products!"
... Linda, Glenmore Park NSW

"Thank you very much for the wonderful stickers!... my son happily has them on his drink bottle and lunch containers... definitely peace of mind for me!... what a great idea, thank you!!"... Amber, Seaford VIC

"A personal thank you... I ordered your badges and stickers for my grandsons...
my daughter and son-in-law are so grateful... they keep the badges in the car so they are always on hand... thanks again for making young people's busy lives a little easier and safer"... Joy, Duffy ACT

"My 5 year old daughter Stephanie loves her pink 'I'm allergic to nuts' badge; she proudly wears it everywhere... she has the stickers on her school gear and the badge on her uniform... her teachers at school think it's simply great!"
... Stephen, Lismore NSW

"I just want to say thank you... the response to the t-shirt and badges when my 5 year old son wears them when out in public is fantastic... this really helps people to be a little more aware... thank you for an awesome product!"
... Belinda, Littlehampton SA

"My son who is 5 years old and is anaphylactic to nuts, loves the stickers, badges
and t-shirts... he has put the stickers on his lunch box and school bag - just to let others know he has allergies... Thanks for your wonderful products"
... Tina, Green Valley NSW

"What a great idea... it takes my mind off the whole situation... I was reluctant to put her in creche, but now I put the badge on her and a sticker on her bag and its amazing"... Franca, Campbelltown S.A.

"The badges (especially) are great... I know my 4 year old will be happy to wear them at times when he is 'at risk' "... Kathryn, Littlehampton S.A.

"I was very happy to finally find someone that had designed a badge that is colourful and eye catching... he's only 2 and loves his badge...he's happy to wear it and we've had quite a few compliments... I will be sharing with all my friends your great product and service"... Michelle, Prospect S.A.

"When I received the pack my daughter insisted on wearing the badge to kindy ... it proved an instant hit! ... The kindy teachers were most impressed... Thanks again, you've certainly eased my mind"... Aleta, Burnside S.A.